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WOAD Entertainment

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TAPS established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2015, TAPS is an international education organization. Its mission is to provide world-class instruction in the percussive arts to students of all ages and backgrounds. TAPS maintains a rotating roster of faculty, all of whom have received critical acclaim within the musical community for their performance, composition, or educational specialties.
PT & the Cruisers is a very versatile band, playing shows and parties with different themes, from classic rock to contemporary hits! PT's high energy will get the audience moving!
Smoky Hollow, get ready to tap your feet and show us your moves. Enjoy the sounds of Bluegrass band Smoky Hollow.

Jordan will perform in various locations throughout the event. Sea shanties are songs that were sung by crew members of sailing ships to help them coordinate their efforts and keep them motivated on the grueling tasks of their jobs. The shantyman would sing a verse and the rest of the sailors would respond together. Jordan Bush is a local performer who not only learned to play sea shanties by coming to Whale of a Day but inherited the banjo of the original Whale of a Day Shantyman. 

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